Parent and infant work

I work with mothers / fathers and their infants (up to 2-3 years of age). I provide a space to think about what is going on between the parent and the infant, what are the perceived difficulties, what feelings are overwhelming for parent &/or the infant.


Never think you are alone with your feelings, that they are unthinkable and unmanageable - they are not. But kept to yourself they certainly can become unbearable and mothers often end up cursing themselves or their infant because they can't live up to the ridiculous ideal that society presents.

This form of therapy can give impressive results after only a handful of sessions. It is vital work because so much happens to an infant's brain in the first 2 years of life determining the capacity for regulation and managing emotions and for making worthwhile and healthy relationships. So much harder to make changes as the child gets older.


I worked as a parent/infant therapist for 6 years with the charities Oxford Parent and Infant Project (OXPIP) and Northamptonshire Parent and infant Project (NORPIP).

I set up various branches of the charities in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire including a special service for adolescent mothers.


I see parents and their infants in my consulting room in the village of Ilmington in Warwickshire- 15 minutes south of Stratford-on-Avon.

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